Jolly Old St. Nicholas Essay

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One of the most interesting people in the history of the world is St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was believed to have been born in the third century in a village by the name of Patara. This region was primarily Greek and is now to part of Turkey. St. Nicholas was raised to be a devote catholic. St. Nicholas live by the quote from Jesus, "sell what you own and give the money to the poor." The young Nicholas took these words to heart and used his entire inheritance to help the poor and suffering. St. Nicholas dedicated his life to God and eventually became the bishop of Myra. As bishop, he became well known for his good deeds and generosity. He also had a great love for children. Under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, Bishop Nicholas was …show more content…
There is not much know about last half of his life, but one of the oldest stories showing St. Nicholas as a protector of children takes place long after his death. The townspeople of Myra were celebrating St. Nicholas on the eve of his feast day when Arab pirates came into the district. They stole treasures from the church of Saint Nicholas . As they were leaving the community, they seized a young boy by the name of Basillios, to make into a slave. The ruler of the pirates selected the boy to be his personal cupbearer. The parents of the boy were divested losing their only boy. So for the next year Basillios waited on the king, bringing his wine and food. As the next St. Nicholas' feast day approached, Basillios' mother would not join in the parties, as it was now a day of tragedy for it had been a year since her son was kidnapped. Meanwhile, as Basillios was fulfilling his tasks serving the leader, he was suddenly whisked up and away. St. Nicholas appeared to the terrified boy, blessed him, and set him down at his home back in Myra. This is the first story of St. Nicholas protecting children. Another story of three theological students, traveling on their way to study in Athens. A wicked innkeeper robbed and murdered them, hiding their bodies in a large pickling tub. It so happened that Bishop Nicholas, traveling along the same route, stopped at this very inn. In the night he dreamed of the crime, he then got up and summoned the innkeeper. As

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