Essay on Jury Case Study: TiVo Inc. v. EchoStar Corp.

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TiVo Inc. v. EchoStar Corp.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ( 2004 - 2011)

Parties :

1-The Plaintiff : TIVO , INC

2- The Defendant : EchoStar Communications Corporation and it’s consortium(Echostar DBS Corporation, Echostar Technologies Corporation, Echosphere Limited Liability Company, and EchoStar Satellite LLC )

Case Introduction Brief :
This case is about tivo company (a developer and provider of software and technology that enables the search, navigation, and access of content across sources, including linear television, on-demand television, and broadband video) which has invented a revolutionary DVR(digital video recorder)
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The same day, EchoStar unilaterally announces that because of its slightly modified software, the injunction will have “no effect.”

-May, 2008 –, EchoStar files a complaint in Delaware against TiVo after a status conference back in the trial court seeking a declaratory judgment of noninfringement of TiVo patent claims due to the workaround it just asked the trial judge in Texas to review (EchoStar’s case was later transferred to the judge in Texas).

-On April, 2008 The Federal Circuit denies EchoStar’s en banc request.
- On October, 2008 The U.S. Supreme Court denies EchoStar’s request to review the Federal
Circuit’s judgment upholding the jury verdict and injunction.
- On November, 2008 EchoStar again requests the USPTO to reexamine the validity of TiVo’s

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