Just a Few More Minutes: School Should Start Later in the Morning

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Just a Few More Minutes

Students come to school half asleep, nod off in the middle of a lecture, and periodically get asked to why we’re all so incoherent. An arguably good reason would be having to balance school, work, sports, homework, any kind of social life, and going to bed at decent time. Getting roughly an hour longer of sleep could increase attention, test scores, positive attitudes, increase the urge to be in school, and possibly decrease truancy rates. A lack of sleep can also become dangerous in many cases. An extra hour of sleep could make all the difference in a teen’s life.

As students get more sleep, the more ambitious they become. Second thoughts about getting out of bed becomes lessened and the attendance rates go
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Finally, work is over. Now fantasizing about your bed as it’s metaphorically calling your name, but then coming to the realization that there’s four hours of homework left to do. Homework feels like a never ending cycle in a students life.

Starting school later in the morning comes with disadvantages as well. A later start time means a later release time. Being let out of school later could make getting a job a little more difficult. Students could have trouble picking up hours at work. Schools starting later could also make it hard to get as much done in the evening. Although students would have more energy to get things done, they might just have the tendency to get less done. Students could also get into habit of staying up later if they don’t have to wake up as early (Debatewise).

At least nine hours of sleep is needed for a healthy, more awake lifestyle.When you’re well-rested and awake, your ability to comprehend and remember information is much higher. "You don't run schools at a time when kids aren't ready to learn,” (Qtd Snider). However, the lifestyle of a teenager makes a nine hour sleep cycle nearly impossible. Director of the Sleep Medicine Clinic, Dr. Judith Owens says, “adolescents are programmed to fall asleep later.” Majority of teenagers have a difficult time falling asleep before eleven o’clock p.m.

A number of health problems come with sleep deprivation. Teens have been known

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