Knowledge and Power: Dr. Faustus Essay

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A brilliant scholar, Dr. Faustus’ thirst for more knowledge and power ultimately drive him to an eternity of damnation. No longer satisfied with worldly knowledge, Faustus turns to Necromancy, or black magic, which offers him new otherworldly knowledge, and thus, power. His goes on to live a life that many only dream of, but his tragic end was one of nightmares. Although some may argue that for all his faults, he was not a truly evil man, and thus did not deserve an eternity of damnation. However, this essay will attempt to prove that, despite his pleas for forgiveness, and his claims that he was tricked by the devil, Dr. Faustus was a smart man who knew full well what he was doing when he signed the pact with the devil, and acted on …show more content…
Once Faustus gains power through his contract with the devil he does not set out to do anything he had planned to do. He never again mentions giving silk to children or chasing the Prince of Parma away. Instead he partakes in childish antics as seen when he fools the pope. Another reason Dr. Faust should be denied salvation is the fact that throughout his life, he wasn’t biased because he would only hear one side of things, for there was constant interaction between him and two angels, one good and one bad. So, for all of the bad advise and unwise words he heard, he also had another voice there trying to reason with him and explain the extent of God’s mercy and love, if only he would ask for it.
Dr. Faustus finally repents after twenty-four years of power, pride and black magic. This fact, above all others, should be reason for him not to receive forgiveness, because by doing this he is showing that he knew full well that what he was doing was wrong and that he was making bad choices, but he chose to continue with it anyway. If he had not done this, there may have been hope for his argument. He could have claimed ignorance, stating that he believed salvation to be unattainable after what he’d done. Also, as far as him being tricked, it is

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