Knute Rockne Caused the Creation of the FAA Essay example

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) owes its creation to many significant events in aviation history. One of them includes the creation of the Air Mail Act of 1925, which spearheaded the creation of commercial airlines that worked for a profit. (FAA, 2011) This act leads to rapid growth in the development of aircraft and of air traffic. The increasing volume of air traffic, lead to the early development of air traffic control, which was based on visual signals. (FAA, 2011) One real problem was that with early aviation, the ability to see other aircraft while flying was limited and usually a last second visual. Another problem was that as aircraft were being built, there were no real safety standards that were required, when …show more content…
Famous Notre Dame Football Coach, Knute Rockne, was flying on a business trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles when his airplane crashed at the town of Bazaar, Kansas. Initial causes of the crash included thunderstorms, but meteorological records confirmed there were no convective storms present that day. (You Remember, 2011) A maintenance malfunction was determined to cause this crash. The aircraft manufacturer Fokker Trimotor, composed its aircraft out of wood laminate. Over a period of time, moisture leaked into one of the wings, weakening the glue that held the wing spar in place. After the glue weakened, the wing began to vibrate and shimmer while in flight and it detached from the aircraft. (You Remember, 2011) Following the investigation, that model aircraft was banned for passenger travel. (FAA, 2011) Additionally, until this crash, it had been Department of Commerce policy to keep accident investigations secret from the public. However, the extremely high amount of public interest caused them to abandon that policy. (You Remember, 2011) Four years later another highly visible airplane crash occurred, involving U.S. Senator Bronson Cutting from New Mexico. While most of the blame was put on the airline company, Transcontinental and Western Air, a congressional investigation concluded that policies and navigational aids of the Bureau of Air Commerce were to blame. (Mola, 2011) Following these high profile air

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