Krokodil: A Popular Drug in The Soviet Countries Essay

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In the regions of Russia, Ukraine and any other former Soviet countries, a new home cooked injectable drug has plagued the streets. In the late 1990s heroin was at its peak of popularity in these counties, being imported from Afghanistan (Breaking worse, 2013). Heroine was not widely available in Ukraine but along with the popularity of heroine in the other regions, home cooked injectables were just growing in the urban and rural areas. Within the last several years, over-the-counter codeine containing injectable drugs have become more popular than the poppies or raw opium based injectable drugs (Breaking worse, 2013). When codeine is cooked down it turns into desomorphine, or called by its more recognizable street name krokodil. …show more content…
What makes krokodil so dangerous is that it can be made from simple inexpensive house hold or over the counter drugs, accompanied by the effortless cooking process. Codeine-based painkillers or simple over the counter cough suppression drugs can easily be obtained at the local drug store. The codeine-based pills or syrup is combined with gasoline or lighter fluid and vigorously mixed with acidified water (Breaking worse, 2013). When left to rest the two components separate into an aqueous and the gasoline mixture. The gasoline mixture is discarded while the aqueous layer containing the codeine is extracted into another container, combined with iodine, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorous, and cooked over a stove top (Breaking worse, 2013). The finished product results in a liquid from that is dispensed by the use of hypodermic needles to its intended users. Literature researches have shown very little variation in the cooking process which leaves the question of possible contaminations and the quality of the drug. There is a skill to cooking krokodil, and most often amateur cooks could kill the user with their very first dose (Breaking worse, 2013). Usually the cookers try to minimize any suspicion of illegal activity by having several people in his crew go to different locations and buy one ingredient at a time. Still little is known as to the

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