Linux Versus Windows NT Essay

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Comparing any network operating system is really like comparing an apple to an orange. To judge between the underlying functionality of each operating system geared towards different networking environments is too broad of a subject to come to a reasonable conclusion. However, one could argue about the advantages and disadvantages pertaining to the Unix based Linux operating system and the infamous Windows NT operating system. I can compare and contrast these two operating systems, but I can’t take a strong stand because it all depends on a number of situations including the different networking environments, the applications that are readily available, and most important what the user wants. The goal is to find out which of …show more content…
The cost of the down times go to the administrators who must be there and the time lost to perform duties when the system is down.
Very high regards go to the multitasking abilities and virtual memory usage that Linux provides. Although NT runs the same features, Linux provides the true meaning to running multiple programs without crashing the system. Although NT does support multiprocessing capabilities, that just provides more terms for cost on hardware and doesn’t necessarily mean the system will run faster.
Compatibility is considered when you want to escape from proprietary and vendor specific programs and applications. Both NT and Linux support protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NFS, and many other protocols, but the only way NT has access to UNIX files are through NFS. Linux can have access to DOS and Windows NT file systems. Linux is capable of running Windows programs using a Windows emulator or WINE. Unix programs are unable to run on NT systems unless you port them. Batch scripts written on Linux are almost always unchanged when running different versions. Batch scripts written on NT are not necessarily compatible with Windows for workgroups, Windows 95, and DOS. Backups are compatible between different distributions of Linux and versions of UNIX, as well as other Systems (except NT). NTBACKUP only works on NT and often the tapes cannot be moved from one machine to another, especially

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