Love in The Bible Essay

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Love in The Bible

Everyone always looks at the Bible as a loving book. It is considered God’s Word. It helps us live a better life and serves as a guidebook showing us how to live on the right path. The characters in it are ones to be looked up to. Moses, Noah, Abraham, etc. were all righteous followers of God and set good examples for us even today. However, those who read deeper into the Bible will find more than just the stereotype that I have already explained. The God of the Bible has many moods. The Bible has stories of murder, warfare, etc. in which the ones doing the acts are treated as good people that have done heroic deeds. What are we supposed to make of these situations? Can they still have good values and be applied to
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This allowed for Joshua and his army to charge in the city, killing everyone. This included the citizens and even the animals. It was basically a massacre. Of course, Joshua is portrayed as a hero who did a great deed in the eyes of the Lord. He did as God told him. He took back the land that should have belonged to Israel. So, what are we supposed to make of this? How do we respond to the fact that God would want this kind of thing to happen? I think this could lead to several possibilities, but the one that jumps out in my mind is the fact that war must happen. The Bible supports this more times than just in the Battle of Jericho. I think the Bible is telling us that war must happen in a sinful world like ours. In a perfect world, war would not exist. However, we do not have that, and war and death is going to have to be part of our imperfect world. This story of Joshua easily corresponds to our own. From ancient wars, to the Revolutionary War, to the Vietnam War, to the War on Terrorism that is presently taking place, war has always existed. It will continue to exists until the end of time, and I believe that Joshua and the Battle of Jericho should be thought of no differently.

The last example I would like to examine is from the New Testament. This is the story of King Herod. This took place in the time that Jesus was born. Herod heard that this Jesus was supposed to be

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