Macbeth:Concious Villain To Unrepentant Tyrant Essay

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Macbeth: Conscious Villain to Unrepentant Tyrant
Thesis: To trace the degradation of Macbeth from a hero to a conscious villain to an unrepentant tyrant.

I. Macbeth as a Hero.

A. Admired warrior

B. Duncan's Admiration

II.     Macbeth as a Conscious Villain

A. First tidings of villainy

B. Murder of Duncan

C. Guilt-Ridden Soliquoy

III. Macbeth as a non-repentant Tyrant

A. Murder of Macduff's family

B. Selfish thoughts of sleep

C. Feelings of Invincibility
     Macbeth, like most tragedies tells the fall of the protagonist from grace. Macbeth, originally a hero, degrades into a conscious villain who feels guilt and then into an unmerciful, non-repentant
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A man willing to kill for it. From this point in the story Macbeth's villainy is not yet set in stone and is urged onward by his wife's calls of cowardice. Macbeth soon acts on this ambition through the murder of Duncan. However his acts lead him toward a guilty conscious. After he murders Duncan he is haunted by his guilt. He cries out that "I'll go no more. I am afraid what I have done; Look on 't again I dare not."(II, ii, 49-51) In these lines it is clear that Macbeth regrets his action. According to John Andrews this "is his first attempt to bring about a … transposition (to transpose "the structural conditions of his own mind into the external world"); in parricidal terms making himself the sole sovereign of his world." (Andrews #?) In other words his need for power is so great that his ambition is willing to "o'erleap" his humanity to get what he desires. His guilt from his murderous action continues throughout Act II, scene ii. In Act II, scene iii we begin to see the cloud of guilt lifted from him and he slowly becomes an unrepentant tyrant.
     Macbeth's murder of Banqou is the beginning of his descent into the abyss of true tyranny. He murders a man with whom he once was a dear friend. He murders Banquo in hopes of securing the crown of which he wanted so much. He says:
They hailed him father to a line

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