Major Challenges of Organizational Management Essay example

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Major Challenges of Organizational Management

There are a number of differences between FMC’s Aberdeen and Green River, the two facilities of discussion. One may assume, therefore, that managerial styles, business practices, and other aspects of business and the employees involved, would be very different from one another. On the other hand, it is quite possible to use very similar styles of doing business and managing a company, despite differences in the company, as a good style of managing, and good practices would assist any business in succeeding. Management, employees and productivity being the main focuses at hand, one may first want to review these differences between the two facilities. To begin with, the facility
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The most important people involved in this change are the existing managers. Often, managers will feel a sense of power from the position they hold, and some may experience more satisfaction from this power than others. These kinds of feelings would be a major set back in incorporating the new organizational management, as these managers may feel reluctant to “share power”, thereby defeating the purpose of these practices. Thinking on behalf of themselves and their best interests, rather than those of the company, these types of managers will not see how this style of managing will produce highly positive results.

In short, the Green River facility must maintain very open, innovative, and intelligent managers, in order to begin the process of these changes in the facility, otherwise they may not work.

Considering that the Aberdeen facility has already incorporated these managerial styles into the working environment, the biggest challenges involve maintaining the healthy balance of employees’ satisfaction, and facility productivity. Again, maintaining (or training) managers who understand and believe in the style of managing conducted at the facility, is crucial to the survival of these practices. The wrong person in upper management would have a significant impact on the company and its’ practices. Also, written guidelines and rules should be established and maintained, and should not be wavered in any

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