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Management Delegation
Delegation can be summarized as the process of functioning and working through others to ensure the completion of a project. For proper delegation, management must possess the proper planning and patience skills for effective and successful delegation to occur.
Phases of Delegation
For effective delegation to lead to the completion and success of a project, management must have a set plan in what needs to be delegated and to know whom the task should be delegated. In planning, management must meet with the chosen person in order to describe, in detail, the assignment and reasoning for the work being delegated. In organizing the completion of a project, management needs to establish when and where to meet with
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Regardless how large or how small the task is given or received, with the proper planning and organization, time is boundless and helps to develop others’ skills and capabilities for future projects and growth within the organization.
There have been many instances where work was not delegated due to the sensitive and confidential nature of a case; however, smaller portions of the task were able to be delegated, hence giving value and trust to others who need and want to feel that sense of accomplishment and recognition.
Despite being in a management role, there are times when I am on the receiving end of delegation in order to make the attorney’s job easier. Whether I am given a simple task of composing a letter to opposing counsel or something of value such as researching case law for a trial brief, I know it helps to bring more clientele to the firm and enhances my promo ability. The better and more able I am to help my boss succeed, the more work and responsibility I will receive and the more he can trust that the job delegated will be handled and the next project can begin.
Currently, the firm is working on seminars and tutorials concerning risk management and consequence. The delegation for this project has ranged from marketing research regarding the competition to the creation of a step-by-step manual for future reference for our clients. This kind of project has an impact on the entire office as a team. And, as a team, we are given

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