Essay about Mass Media and Gatorade Advertisements

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Mass media an effective tool when it comes to the social aspects of life, and help convey messages that have an impact on society. Companies use the advantages of the media to commercial their products. They also appeal to viewers by creating trust and reliability through endorsements of respected, influential people such as athletes and celebrities. Major companies also appeal to their consumers through reason and logic, as well as appeal at an emotional level to persuade potential customers into purchasing their products. In earlier advertisements, the alcohol and tobacco companies would use major issues men, women, and people of different race have faced and appeal at an emotional level. Through the rhetorical appeal of …show more content…
In this case Gatorade links the phrase “and changed the game” with visual representation of athletes of different race (Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali) and female athletes (Serena Williams). According to Greg Meyers in “See Above, See Above, See Above . . . Words And Pictures”, “the photograph is what first attracts our attention” (144), and in the Gatorade commercial what attracts the viewers are the star athletes that our endorsed by Gatorade. Furthermore, Meyers continues to explain how, “(a)s we looked at the structure in sentences, we can look at framing and composition in pictures” (144). The structure of the sentence “and changed the game” (144 Meyers), along with the framing and composition of athletes that represent different race and gender that are seen right after, incorporates how these people had to fight for their rights and respect in order for humanity to become more accepting of all human beings as equals. Gatorade compares the strenuous training athletes go through with the struggle women and of people of different race face, and has incorporated with the innovated product. Pathos is an argument created to appeal to the viewer’s emotions and is often affiliated with advertisements. Gatorade effectively appeals to viewers on an emotional level. Previous advertisements have stated that for women to be (passive tense) desirable they have to smoke cigarettes or

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