Essay on Maus by Art Spiegelman

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Maus by Art Spiegelman

The book Maus, by Art Spiegelman, it is the true story of his fathers life, mainly during the Jewish concentration camps. The chronicle is displayed in such a way it grabs the reader’s attention right away and gets them hooked on the story. Art Spiegelman’s dad, Vladek, explains to his son about the duress, and the excruciating pain he went through during the time of the concentration camps. Art retells the story exactly how his father told him, he did not concoct it, nor did his father mitigate how the concentration camps really were. Living in Sosnowiec, Poland at the time with his wife, Anja, Vladek owned a textile shop. They lived in a nice home, anything but destitute looking. Soon his shop would be
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Little did they know that this intruder divulged their hiding spot to the Jewish police, and soon they were prisoners. Once taken captive, Anja, and Vladek were able to be put on the good side because of Vladek’s connections. This book accentuates and focuses mainly in what Vladek had to do to survive. After being smuggled out of one camp, Anja and Vladek managed to jump from house to house. Vladek was very agile at the time, and moved swiftly at night to seek money and food opportunities. Finally, Vladek talked to some friends and they had known some smugglers who smuggled a father and his son to Hungry, and they were doing wonderful there. Vladek looked into the idea, but his nephew, Abraham, thought it was a brilliant idea. Not trusting anyone at this point, Vladek was very ambivalent. Abraham decided he’d be the first to get smuggled and if everything turned out alright he’d write and let them know. A few weeks passed by and soon they received a letter from Abraham letting them know he was wonderful, so Vladek decided he and Anja would both go. Now Anja was the one being ambivalent, so it took much fostering before she agreed. Little did the Speigelman’s know that this whole smuggling idea was a set up for them to be sent to Auschwitz. There men and women were separated, meaning Anja and Vladek had to depart each other. Vladek was on the verge of breaking down when a priest came up to him and

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