Meaning of Slavery Essay

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As a teenager, I have come across recent discoveries of myself and the world, the thirst to gain more knowledge, new responsibilities, and orders from elders. It is the overwhelming combination of these things that occasionally hit me with the feeling of being enslaved, chained to the world, my home, and my family. These expectations and dictations are restrictions, but they do not represent true slavery. True slavery controls every aspect of a man; the dictator must enslave the man’s body and destroy his mind. This effort to completely subdue humanity is exemplified by the leaders and society of Ayn Rand’s Anthem. In this novel, the leaders try to suppress the actions, emotions, and thoughts of the people in an attempt to destroy …show more content…
And each of the men have one of the women assigned to them by the Council of Eugenics.” Equality was sent to the City Palace of Mating two times, and was told that men could not think about women except for during the Time of Mating (pg. 41). This law delayed the conversations between Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000, a woman assigned to the Home of the Peasants. The laws of vocation and the laws of mating block the people of the City from executing actions that are needed to achieve their desires. The laws dealing with vocation and mating not only suppress actions but also constrict emotions. The want for a woman and the passion for a specific type of work, are known as “Preferences” in the City. It is a “Transgression” to prefer one thing over another (pg.22). It is a transgression that Equality commits; he loves both Liberty 5-3000 and science (pg. 22/41). Equality wrote that “We wish nothing, save to be alone and to learn, and to feel as if with each day our sight were growing sharper than the hawk’s and clearer than rock crystal” (pg. 36). Equality also stated that he would go against the will of the Council to keep Liberty away from the Palace of Mating (pg.44). It is the love for learning and the affection for Liberty that makes it easier for Equality to live; they bring light or purpose and good into his world (pg. 36/41). Happiness and pride make that light brighter. After Equality’s first

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