Essay on Monstrosity in Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, explores the monstrous and destructive affects of obsession, guilt, fate, and man’s attempt to control nature. Victor Frankenstein, the novel’s protagonist and antihero, attempts to transcend the barriers of scientific knowledge and application in creating a life. His determination in bringing to life a dead body consequently renders him ill, both mentally and physically. His endeavors alone consume all his time and effort until he becomes fixated on his success. The reason for his success is perhaps to be considered the greatest scientist ever known, but in his obsessive toil, he loses sight of the ethical motivation of science. His production would ultimately grieve him throughout …show more content…
In this, he becomes obsessed with animating a lifeless body. After a great deal of planning and researching his task, he finally discovers the means by which to complete it. He spends sleepless nights collecting body parts from vaults and charnel-houses for which he will construct a human frame. Frankenstein recalls this time in his life as a “trance” that consumed him mentally and physically, and during his experiment degrades until he successfully creates a human. Terrified by his creation, Frankenstein goes from fatigued to incredibly ill in a living hell. Even under the supervision of a close friend, Henry Clerval, Victor is horrified by the monster, though it has managed to leave his living quarters. He plans to return to his family when a letter from his father arrives and tells of his younger brother, William’s, death. Victor immediately feels responsibility for his death, assuming that the monster has committed his murder. His already downward-spiraling life turns worse with this news, and while he is still highly regarded at his college, he is now burdened with guilt. When a trial is held to convict William’s murderer, Justine, a young girl adopted by the Frankenstein family, is suspected and ultimately charged with the crime. Justine is eventually executed on false accusations. Victor is now ridden with remorse for the deaths of two loved ones which are ultimately a product of the monster he created. He would take this grief to his quickened

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