Mothering Confers Privilege Upon Women Essay

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Mothering confers privilege upon women.

Mothering consists of a biological female parent who nurtures and raises a child.

However, due to the differences in cultural and social roles, it has become difficult to define mothering as a collective and applicable perception.

Chodorow (1978) states that mothering can be seen as socially, psychologically and biologically natural and functional (p.

This essay will define concepts of motherhood, matriarchy and maternal instinct.

Furthermore, it will discuss the deconstruction of motherhood and look behind the mother child relationship.

Additionally, this essay will look at how women have a choice on whether they would like to become mothers or remain child-free, taking in to
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Additionally, marriage and motherhood can be seen as identical because marriage involves a lot of responsibilities with childcare if women choose to become mothers and consists of a lot of financial dependency on the partner.

There are many reasons why women choose to become mothers since it gives them an identity and some women may believe that mothering is a necessity after marriage.

When women have children, they try their hardest to care for them.

Also, some women may argue that they grow to love their children.

Additionally, they may choose to become mothers through having a maternal instinct.

According to Chodorow, (1978) women aim to complete their feelings to be loved through the relational triangle and this develops on the heterosexual relationship and the primary mother-child relation.

Chodorow goes on to explain that although a womans relation to a man gains importance for a woman, this is still partial.

A womans relation to the male partner requires a third individual; therefore, having a child completes this relational triangle for women.

This relationship that the mother has with the child consists of a maternal instinct.

Mothers generate a maternal instinct that entails the bond that is formed between the mother and child.

Motherhood doesnt just involve the caring of a child, according to Richardson, D.

For some women, being a

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