My Experience of Tension in Academic Studies Essay

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My first impression when I entered high school was, “it’s not that big of a deal.” The opening to my primary year as a high school student, in the beginning, I thought it was the most fun year in my high school life so far and I thought that it would be like that throughout all four years. To add on, everything was great, I got all A’s for my first semester, my teachers were awesome too. “Life is fun,” was my quote back then. I didn’t get too worried about anything, my homework was done on time and I didn’t even have that much to bring home. I am always so carefree during school and afterschool. It was like this for my sophomore year too. After I’ve finished with after school clubs, I went home and would play games on the laptop for hours …show more content…
I got into PSEO and now I’m a junior; my first class as a PSEO student at Concordia University is Earth Science. It was not that hard compared to my CIS class. Every Thursday, I would took off to Concordia at 6 P.M. When I can used that times to do my high school homework, I had to exert to sat and listened for the lectured that she had made. It’s a PowerPoint where she would referred to it and gave us informations about it after. It was very boring and tiring. To compared it to my high school classes, it was much harder, I would not have times to study for the exam because of school works. And when the exam is finally at the cornered, I had to rushed to study for it. To add on, I would finished my exam last every single times and it was not easy for me to get it done as quickly as possible, which it make me looks like an idiot.
Alternatively, in the cold at around eleven o’clock in the morning, I would went out to do my project for hours; the project is about observing the parks surrounding. For example, I took pictures and putted descriptions to tell what I’ve observed. This was hard for me because it was freezing cold and I would have to travel for a far distanced to get to the parks that she gave out. After I came home, I would procrastinated and not do my homework until late at night and I would always ended up staying up late for it. Moreover, my PSEO class, started to get hard, my quiz scores were getting low because I didn’t get the times to studied for it. My

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