My Journey as a Professor of Computer Science Essay

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I am a first generation born American and was raised in New York City by a family from Puerto Rico. After I finished my first semester in 10th grade, my family moved to back to Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico I was enrolled in a high school where all textbooks were written in and classes were taught, in Spanish. While I spoke Spanish, I had to learn how to read and write in this language quickly. Meanwhile, my continued mastery of the English language suffered since I was now taking Spanish for native speakers and English classes for students who spoke it as a second language.

After finishing three semesters of college in Puerto Rico, I transferred to the University of South Florida and earned a BA degree. I worked up to three part
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After starting my new job, I pursued my quest to get into graduate school.

My goal was a challenge since there were few colleges in Florida that offered MA degrees in Spanish. There were no online programs available at that time and with a young child I was not able to commute long distances.

Another challenge were my GRE scores which were not high enough for admission to local public graduate schools. Since I was caught between cultures during my high school years, my Verbal score was low and my Math scores were average since I have always been math challenged. I was discouraged but remained undaunted. Fortunately, I learned about the MS Degree program in Computer Education at Florida Tech.

The program did not require an undergraduate degree in that major but instead required the applicant to take and pass a class in Computer Programming before applying for admission. They would also accept students with low GRE scores and average GPA's on probation. Since my husband and I were both early computer geeks and had played with them since 1979, I decided to change gears and jump from teaching a foreign language into teaching in the computer field. I applied for admission and was admitted.
Between motherhood, my job, and schoolwork, it was tough work. However, I did well and graduated with an MS degree in Computer Education in May of 1993.

I returned to BCC and was hired as an adjunct teaching Computer Science. Three years later, I

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