My Personal Outlook on Elementary Education Essay

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My Personal Outlook on Elementary Education

I believe that teaching is the single most important aspect of life. Not only is teaching an imperative career, but teaching outside of the profession is very important. People gain knowledge of new things every day and learning is something that continues throughout your whole life, in and out of school. My personal experiences in life have made me want to be a teacher. These influences come from my family and teachers that I have had. My aunt taught elementary school and is now the superintendent of education in our county; my younger sister let me teach her as we were growing up and a combination of these inspired me to pursue a career in education. I had many teachers that made me
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This is where the idea of progressivism comes to light. I agree with John Dewey’s theory on education. Education should be based on the needs and interests of students and students should learn from textbooks as well as through field trips and games. Students should learn through experiential learning. I believe one of the best ways to teach is to have students actually do what they are learning, hands on learning is important.

As a teacher I hope to accomplish a great deal. I hope that my students will come into my classroom every day and feel excited. I want to teach students the basic skills and build a foundation that they will need as they further their education. I feel that a successful teacher is one that students can come to with problems, whether these problems are academic or personal. I want to motivate students to be the greatest possible person they can be. I want to help children find subjects they are good at and will enjoy doing. I also hope to help children find subjects they aren’t as good in, and help them develop and learn until they are enjoying those subjects as well. I want my students to accomplish everything they are capable of doing and also accomplish what they didn’t think they could.

I plan on using many diverse teaching methods in the classroom. One of the

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