Essay about My Philosophy on Education

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My Philosophy on Education

My philosophy on education is a bit of Essentialism and Progressivism. I know these are two drastically different philosophies, but they both have certain points of view I agree with. For example, strictness (Essentialism) should be used with the idea that students need to find their own way (Progressivism). As I discuss my own Philosophy on education, these different views on education will be incorporated.

Students are children who feel trapped into going to school. This feeling eventually turns into acceptance. They have acceptance that they must go to school to better themselves. Many students fall into the trap of being forced to "make good grades", and end up learning in the process. These
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Students need to influence of both teachers and parents to do their very best to learn; assurance that failure may come with attempting and that its okay if they just try again. I want to make it known to students today those grades and statistics are not the most important thing. But, that these are rewards if they try their very best.

Knowledge of our world expands with each passing day. Students are in a race to obtain this knowledge. Public schools provide the base of education, and add on to this with more difficult and new information each year. I am going to be an Elementary School teacher because I understand the importance for this base of education. Fresh minds will come to me each year to be filled with the most simple of our nation’s knowledge. Without this, these students will not be able to understand the more difficult information in the future. How can a student read a classic novel without first learning the alphabet? In addition, how will a student understand complex mathematics without first learning their numbers?

I will use the Progressivism approach of making education fun for these children. For example, I vividly remember learning the alphabet through association. My teacher gave us apples on "A" day and marshmallows on "M" day. I will also use the Essentialism approach of strictness. Allowing my students to have fun in learning is appropriate to a certain point, but there comes a time to be a bit more

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