My War Essay

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Memories to some are their most treasured prizes, able to evoke feelings of euphoria, joy, nostalgia of the grandest depth. Memories to others are bearers of dread, despair, and infinitely running takes of horror, it is within this spectrum of human experience that my most vivid memories dwell.

One event that forever reshaped my paradigm occurred while I was deployed in FOB Kalsu Iraq, it was a mundane summer day reminiscent of any other UV enriched day there however this day would forever be etched into the walls of my deepest levels of consciousness for the rest of my life, due to the events which would occur. It all began at the crack of my alarm clock, its siren piercing the pitch black canvass that was my room illuminating it with
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Open breaching the dining facility I was met with a storm of flavors and aromas, from hearty eggs, to slow roasted bacon with a hint of pepper, to the fresh ground coffee that stood out in the orchestra of flavors much like a trumpeting solo in a concert. However, that morning in particular my hunger had escaped me and fled to the bellies of my comrades, thus I conceded to merely consuming a small portion of milk and dry cereal to accompany it. Upon exiting my feeding frenzy of the milk and cereal I had noticed it was already 7:00 AM which only served to further remind me my work sift started at 8:00 AM, I decided to get a start and began my descent to the logistics yard. I entered the main office where I was met with the US contractors who were preparing their daily quota and work plan, as well as a plethora of fellow soldiers who were there likely for the same reasons I was. Conversation erupted between me and my co-worker Douglas Mills also commonly known as Buzz, he said something to me which at the time I took as an off the wall comment "My Day will come soon". In hindsight his words are far more haunting then they were at the time I received them, post of that we began our work shift which consisted of unload cargo from newly arrived transports. That day I only had two containers to unload from the convey thus I finished rather quickly, Buzz on the other hand possessed a larger quantity of containers to process, he flagged me down upon seeing I

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