News Coverage of Political Campaigns and its Negative Affects

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News Coverage of Political Campaigns and its Negative Affects

Have you ever turned on the TV to watch the news during election year? News programs constantly bombard the public with campaign coverage that negatively affects the way people vote. The most noticeable effect the TV news media causes is a decrease in voter attendance at the ballot boxes. News coverage of political campaigns reduces voter turnout because of the negative campaign tactics used by candidates and their parties; exit polls that predict the outcome of an election; and the public's perception that the media can be bought to influence people to vote for a certain issue or candidate. Voter turnout has significantly dropped from 75 %-85% in during the 19th century
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Since exit polls predict the winners of elections, vast numbers of citizens don't even bother to vote because they already know who's going to win and that their vote wouldn't make a difference (Pages 568-589). Another reason that causes low voter turnout is news media coverage that broadcast negative campaign tactics politicians and their parties use to attack to opposing candidate or party. According to Laurence I. Barrett of Time magazine, presidential candidates are sliding on their word of not using negative campaign tactics; in fact, negative advertising is becoming trendier among those running for election (Page 28). Negative campaigning in the news media is perceived by most as boxing ring where candidates can put on gloves and knock each others ideas or beliefs down. The most affecting aspect of negative campaign to the public is that candidates and parties only point out the opposing side's flaws to uplift themselves and avoiding the issue at hand which often occurs in debates. Since negative campaigning causes a great deal of arguing between candidate and/or parties, a great percentage of the public tends to separate themselves from the political process (voting) because of the excessive attacks candidates inflict on one another. The public expects a degree of professionalism from running candidates that shouldn't include negative tactics that only discourage the public's outlook on voting

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