Essay on Ninjas in Feudal Japan

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The Ninja was one of Japans greatest mysteries and greatest warrior of all time. However dishonourable the job, it still got done. So there are many questions that arise from these mysterious people like who were they, and exactly what did they do, and so to answer these questions we must look deeper into the history of feudal Japan.
The Ninja first appeared in feudal japan in the fifteenth century and are often thought of as the first spies. However there was little trace of left after the ninja finally disappeared around the beginning of the Edo period in the sixteenth century which made it hard to find information about them today. They were said to come from the lower class in japan and often just peasants just trying to find a way
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They also practiced sabotage, infiltration, and assassinations which the ninjas were notoriously famous for. Ninjas when they were at work often disguised themselves as the enemy to create mass confusion among the enemies and to distract any guards so if they were caught, could have something to help them make a swift exit. Another job the ninja had was to find information about certain places, say if the feudal lord was planning an attack. So they found out enemies geographical whereabouts as well as attained secret passwords that maybe could be used to get inside and sneak around the enemy’s base. As good as infiltrating the enemy’s base is it was also another part of their role to sabotage which could be helpful when they get inside to sabotage their the enemy’s alarm system so they could not attract attention.
Well now that we know about all these things the ninja can do, we are now left wondering how the normal peasants of feudal japan developed such skills. The number one rule of the ninja was secrecy. All their training was based around disguise and knowing when to act and how to stay hidden. They never told anyone what they were doing or where they were going. The martial arts they learned made them sure their enemy did not know of their existence, and so the training began, they learned a martial art called Ninjutsu which was referred to as “the art of stealth” which was a mix of

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