Essay on Oedipus: The Damned King of Thebes

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“It all came true, every single word.” Utters Oedipus, all the pieces of the puzzle are together, brought out from the shadows. Everything about his past he knew couldn’t be true has been brought to the light. A man who is meant to be damned has just discovered the horrible simple truth. He is able to see it all now, He can see everything. Oedipus the king is the man who saved Thebes from the Sphinx. The man who will soon become the blind disease that plagues the city of Thebes, a city which he once ruled. The Gods have made their judgment and the prophecy has come true. The anagnorisis has been revealed. (Class lecture) Just following the anagnorisis, Oedipus returns backstage so the catharsis is preserved. Our imaginations must create …show more content…
Oedipus is now the unclean thing that all men turn away from. (YouTube) Peripety, his fall from once great king to outcast has caused much grief and remorse in members of the chorus and the citizens of Thebes. (class lecture) the chorus reminds him after he makes these statements that his mutilation was brought on by himself, and that he would have been better off dead. The chorus is making sure the audience realizes that his whole circumstance was destined and that you cannot change fate. (Class lecture) It’s hard to determine which tragedy that falls on Oedipus weighs on him the most, the fact that he has slain his father or had relations with his mother. “Entering so joyfully the same passage that gave me exit in the world”.(YouTube) Imaging what this does to a man’s mind is inconceivable when he says those words he really brings the idea home to the audience. Michael Pennington does such an amazing job conveying such disgust in the fact that he slept with this dead man’s wife. In this scene He frantically waves his arms in the air as to try to flush these memories from his brain. The whole time he has been running away from his destiny, the man has no flaws and has been considered an upstanding citizen loved by one and all, and the Gods have damned him. In one foul swoop he has had

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