Organ Donation and Placement Essay

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Organ Donation has saved many lives. Whether the donor is alive or has passed away they are a hero. Deciding to be a donor is a big decision to make and is the best blessing that you could do for someone. Whether you do it, it is up to you and you should not expect anything in return. People should not be compensated for organ donations and the organs should go to people who desperately need them and also children and young adults. Donations shouldn't be taken for granted and should be given to someone who really need it to survive. When you donate anything you are deciding to give and not get anything in return for it. Donation means “no-profit” and that you are giving something for free. The same goes for organ donations you …show more content…
For example according to (Organ & Donation by Hal Marcovitz pg.79) “a Israeli man, Nick Rosen, saw an advertisement in a Tel Aviv newspaper seeking kidney donors. He contacted them and was flown to the United States. The surgery was performed at a New York hospital and he says he was paid $15,000 to sell his kidney on the black market.” Some countries like Iran and the Philippines pay donors to donate organs they pay up to $3,000 for kidneys. They do this as an incentive for more people to donate. But is it ethical to pay someone just to try and get more people to donate? I believe it is unethical because you shouldn't have to be motivated to save a life. In the process of deciding the placement of who gets the donations is very difficult. Choosing who gets a second chance and who has to wait longer is a long and hard process. Who has the right to make a life and death decision for someone else. People who need them to survive should be first and age should be a factor. People with life-threatening conditions that need another organ to survive should be number one. Also children and young adults should be chosen so they can live a longer life and enjoy their second chance with no serious problems. Older people have had a full life and will not get to enjoy their second chance for a long period of time. I am not saying that they shouldn't get them at all because that is not right or fair.

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