Othello's Responsibility for Desdemona's Death Essays

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Othello's Responsibility for Desdemona's Death

Othello is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays. Its controversial issues and passionate characters excite audiences around the world. In the United States, the first ever on-stage kiss between a "black" man and a "white" woman occurred in a 1943 production of the play that went on to be the longest running Shakespearean play in the country's history.

Othello is a play written in the early 17th century. It has many characters who are Othello, Desdemona, Iago, Roderigo, Cassio and Emilia. Othello, Desdemona and Iago are the main characters.

Othello focuses on the relationship between ''Othello and Desdemona''. Iago, Emilia and Roderigo play a
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He is a really good friend of Iago and Cassio. Othello is a man with everything. He has a position in society. A Moor, and an officer in the Venetian military. He falls in love with, and marries, the delicate Desdemona, though he is middle-aged, and she is still young. Othello is bold, a good warrior, and a decent person overall; however, he is undone by jealousy and pride, his two main failings. Although Othello is very eloquent, he believes his manners and words are both rough.

At the beginning of the play Othello trusts himself a lot. For example, 'my services which I have done my signiory shall out-tongue his complaints'. Here Othello is saying that Iago can do as much as he can but the hard work I have done shall definitely reward me.

Iago is also a very important character in the play. Othello's ensign, and passed over for the lieutenant position in favour of Cassio. Iago is young and treacherous; he is a villain from the start, and though he cites his hurt pride over the lost promotion and Othello's alleged infidelity with Iago's wife Emilia as being reasons for his actions, he is without reasons. He is immoral, but very perceptive, keen, and able to manipulate people into falling for the traps he sets without them being aware. Iago is very clever, he manipulates Othello very easily. Othello is very stupid to fall in his trap.

Discussions of Iago's reasons for his hatred of

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