Overview of Integrated Healthcare Professional Essay

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Many people throw the term ‘professional’ around so often that it seems to have lost its meaning. It is extremely important for oneself to deeply understand the role and importance of being a professional, and even further, becoming an Integrated Healthcare Professional (IHP) and so through the IHP framework one is able to do so. It is very easy to say, “Yes, I know what knowing, empathic and reflective mean”, but these three dimensions are not just something to be known, but also shown. You need to show, as an IHP, to not only your patients but also your co-workers that you can ‘be’ all three of these dimensions. One would think that clearly a Health Professional should have all the practical knowledge of their profession, this is …show more content…
The model of IHP was done in a way that was clear and easily understandable i.e. making no excuse for a professional to not follow it.

I aspire to be a Health Professional that is not only knowledgeable in my faculty but also someone who makes my clients leave with the feeling of wanting to come back , someone that makes them enjoy my time while feeling as comfortable as possible around me. I know how important this is because I can draw on prior experiences in my life that have shown me what a difference it makes between a Health Professional and a Health Professional that cares.
At the age of 12 I got salmonella and it was this event in my life that triggered a string of reactions by people that truly cared. There isn’t much I remember during this time but it’s amazing how the kind gestures from the Professionals that helped me, have stuck with me six years later. I was taken to a local doctor and at the first sight of me he suggested I be taken to hospital as soon as possible. This was a man I never knew, a man I had never been to before, but he showed me so much concern and compassion, that as sick as I was I didn’t feel like just another patient but rather a human being he wanted to help. He could see walking required energy I didn’t have and so he carried me in his arms from his office to my car, not a procedure that his job required him to do but he did it anyway out of the goodness of his heart. He was the first professional met that I

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