Essay on P.E.T.A.: Animal Rights, Human Abuse

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With over 850,000 active members, the animal rights organization People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has blossomed into an exceptionally powerful speech community. Their main goal is to enlighten others about the prominent existence of animal cruelty in the world, hoping to gain enough power to abolish it, or at least prevent it from happening as often as it does. PETA uses language as a tool of power, verbalizing its message through controversial ad campaigns, rallies, marches and protests. PETA has also been very successful in using this tool in courts of law, filing lawsuits against those who they believe to be treating animals immorally, and pushing to get proper legislation passed to help their cause. After using language …show more content…
She also calls out two celebrities by name, spreading the ideas about them, in this case, that they lack intelligence and an individual sense of style.
With the power that PETA has acquired over the years, the organization has been able to effectively use its resources to greatly aid the cause. They've launched private investigations that ended up exposing the maltreatment of animals in hundreds of factories, laboratories, and in the entertainment industry. FETA used its voice to provide the public with what it considers to be critical information, by featuring many of these cases on national television through talk shows, interviews, specials and documentaries. It has also used its voice to persuade many cosmetic companies such as Almay and Cover Girl not to test their products on animals, and have also convinced many clothing designers to start using fake fur. Through lawsuits, the organization has also successful had a significant amount of legislation passed in favor of the cause. Active members of the organization often visit elementary schools to spread their message, making sure to establish the idea that animal mistreatment is a very gave issue early on. Overall, PETA knows how to use its verbal power for good, and has used this power to achieve influence and success.
Now that PETA has acquired a significant amount of power, it freely executes its ability to use

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