Essay on Palestine

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Palestine, a region that has seen the passing of countless centuries and has been a crossroads for various cultures for centuries. At the heart of this contested region lies the two groups who both lay claim to this holy land. Israelis and Palestinians. Israelis are the citizens of Israel, primarily Ashkenazi and Sephardic adherents of Judaism, but this also includes many different ethnic and religious backgrounds as well. Palestinians are the modern descendants of arabized people who have lived in Palestine over the centuries. These two groups make up the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict which has been a contented issue since the 1940’s. Since then, numerous solutions have been recommended, (i.e the One-State Solution, Two State …show more content…
East Jerusalem is a contentious area within Palestine, as Israel “annexed” East Jerusalem in 1980 and considers the settlers living there to be citizens of Israel, despite the international community rejecting this claim. These settlements were gradually destroyed as Israel returned the Golan Heights and the Sinai to their respective territories. The problem, however, comes into play when Israel, still continues to use these settlements despite being in territory not belonging to Israel. These Israeli settlements in the West Bank have drastic effects on the relations between the native Palestinians and the Israelis who live there. A solution to this can be found through the adoption of the one-state solution. In this solution, the regions of Palestine occupied by Israel (West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza) would join Israel to form one cohesive state. This state would not only represent the Jewish people, but would also equally represent the native Palestinians population as well.

Along with territorial disputes being ceased, the one-state solution would create greater tolerance among Israeli's and Palestinians. Since the 1940’s Palestinians and Israeli’s have been creating what could be referred to as a barrier between themselves. In schools, Israeli's are taught a rather biased view on Islam, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as the history of the region, and of Palestinians in general. For Palestinian

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