Pam Huber v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc Essay

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According to the court case on Pam Huber v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., I am in agreement with the fact that the “district court granted summary judgment in favor of Huber” (Morgan, p.413) and that Wal-Mart gave Pam Huber, a maintenance associated job due to her disability. In doing so, I am also in agreement with the fact that Wal-Mart did not breach the American with Disability Act of 1990 due to the fact that Wal-Mart specifically stated what was required of Pam Huber to do on the job. Due to that, I am in agreement with Wal-Mart’s decision to hire a capable candidate in replace of Pam Huber due to their policy.
According to the Pam Huber v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. case, one reads that Pam Huber was switched from her current job, as a dry
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The Fact that Pam Huber was evaluated with someone that did not have a disability in my opinion, is not discriminatory as well as the job requirement that Pam Huber signed up for was for people without disabilities, so for Wal-Mart to want to compare two abilities together is perfectly fine. At the end of the day Wal-Mart wants the job to be done and if Pam Huber’s disability is going to get in the way, then it is perfectly fine for Wal-Mart to want to higher someone else who is capable. One reads in this case, that Pam Huber however does not fit the criteria’s of the job anymore due to her disability and is therefore asked to step down from her position. Unfortunately Pam Huber is replaced with a candidate that is more qualified than her due to the policy Wal-Mart has about hiring qualified people.
One reads in this case that due to Wal-Mart’s policy Pam Huber is given a job as a janitor. I am in agreement with this decision because as previously said Wal-Mart has requirements that employees need to fulfill at the end of the day and if Pam Huber due to her disability can not fulfill them, then she will just have to step down from that position and find something that fits her abilities. I do however think that making her a janitor was a little extreme of Wal-Mart as she could have done

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