Person Centered Therapy Essay

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Synopsis of a Journal Article Introduction
This synopsis journal is based on the writings of Peter Schmid, person Centered psychotherapy. In this synopsis we will look at the application and back ground of Person Centered therapy and how it was introduced by Carl Rodgers in the 1940s and how it has evolved since then. Person Centered Therapy – also known as the humanistic approach to counselling; meaning the person or client is at the centre of the therapy and that the experiences of the client are met with a non-judgmental approach by the therapist. It differentiates it’s self by putting the experiences of the client and the therapist and the here and now relationship at the centre of attention. More importantly person centered
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Carl Rodgers was born on January 8th 1902 in Chicago, he described his home life as a hard working close family unit that where of protestant beliefs. Rodger’s became a student at the University of Wisconsin in the field of agricultural science, in his first year he joined a Sunday morning group for the agricultural students that was run by Professor George Humphrey. The group and especially Professor Humphrey had a profound influence on Rodgers, Humphrey had an unusual approach to teaching and would encourage the students to make their own decisions and refused to take on the conventional leaders role. Rodgers later referred to his experience with Humphrey’s as an “excellent example of facilitated leadership” (Burton, 1972: 36). Rodgers would later abandon his agriculture studies and take up psychology at the Teacher’s College of Columbia University in New York City. His first work as a psychologist was with children and was based on behaviours and psychoanalysis ideas. As his clinical experience grew Rogers became more convinced that a centralised approach to the client was more effective. The client would know themselves and could self-direct the therapy rather than the therapist trying to interpret what they thought was going on. In 1939 Rodgers became a lecturer in the Ohio State University and whilst there he delivered a lecture called “newer concepts in psychotherapy” it was noted that he had seen this as the birthday of the person centered

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