Personal Narrative: The Role of Ego Boosters and Ego Busters in My Life

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Ego Boosters and Ego Busters play a major role in determining who we are as human beings. Humans learn who they are and how to act by feedback from their peer groups and significant others. Ego boosters from the people who we respect help identify who we are as a person. Ego boosters can also help raise self-esteem and self-concept. Ego Busters can have a negative effect on self-concept because people do not like being told they are not good enough or that they should change in some way. This can give people a low self-concept. It can make people see themselves in a negative way.
An ego booster in my life is named Pastor Frank. When I was moving out of town and driving there my care broke down leaving me, my fiancé and my daughter
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The next day we saw him again, he came back from where he went to just to check up on how we were doing. We thanked him for blessing us with a place to sleep especially for thinking about Emma. He boosted my ego by being so patient, kind-hearted, considerate, helpful, and generous, but most of all a Godsend. I knew there had to be a God because you don’t find too many people like that, that would stop what they are doing just to help someone.
An Ego buster in my life would probably be my daughter’s father and his family. When I found out that I was pregnant with Emma he was very negative saying that I should get an abortion or an adoption because he wasn’t ready. He also broke up with me saying that he was going to break up with me before all this happened but he didn’t want to hurt my feelings so. He said that he would go to all my appointments but only ended up going to about five of the many I had. Ever since my daughter was born it has been nothing but trouble for me when it comes to him and his family. His family keeps pestering me to let them see her but I don’t want her around someone that didn’t even want her in the first place. His mom keeps calling me a bad mother for stupid reasons. One reason was because I told her that they needed to get there own diaper bag with everything in it because why should I be the only one that provides for her and not him. Also, I told them to get their own car seat because I don’t have

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