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Most children wait for the last day of school in anticipation, exploding in revel when that last day finally arrives. I, however, cry. I have never wanted to leave school. In fact, when I was a child, one of my favorite things to pretend was Teacher. Much to my parent’s dismay, I drew student names on practically all my large pieces of furniture. Undoubtedly, if you were to peruse the contents of my mother’s basement, you would probably still find a plastic container labeled with a name such as “Cera” or “Tyler.”
I extended this love of teaching to my cousins, two of which were in special education classes. Lessons covered a variety of topics, from the complicated architecture of the Egyptian Pyramids to developmental reading strategies.
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Indeed, I had all intentions of becoming an esteemed English professor – until I took Personality
Psychology my sophomore year of college. I suddenly felt a tug toward Psychology, largely in part because of my fascination with human nature, and decided to take additional classes: Child Development and Abnormal Psychology. The discipline soon consumed me. By the end of the semester, I was already seriously considering a career in child psychology.
The following summer, I obtained employment at a childcare facility in order to verify my love of working with children. Since the center serves children ages two through twelve, I was able to observe several different stages of cognitive and moral development and, naturally, every moment involved adventure. On a daily basis, while the children overflowed with enticing enthusiasm and innocent curiosity, diverse issues and situations demanded exploration. Not surprisingly, I returned to college with cherished memories of the center and the children.
After learning of my developed passion, my mother suggested that I consider School Psychology, the combination of education and psychology. After conducting a little research, I discovered that school psychologists predominantly evaluate academic programs, provide psychological assessments, and help create and sustain a nurturing environment. The field immediately appealed to me for three reasons.
First, although many students groan in

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