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I have decided to write my paper on a set of notions than one philosopher. As I was reading material for the class, I found that I never agreed with one philosopher on every notion. I choose to use a set of notions from the Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius. Aurelius had many notions, I picked a hand full of notions. Throughout the paper you will read about the philosophers notion and my opinion of the notion. Let's get started! First up, "Remember how many moments you have been given, and how many are gone. Time is valuable – it should be used for the highest purpose. Every moment is a chance to clear the mind, and seek a state of calm." (Meditation, page 1) I cherish this notion. The notion is to remember the past, but do not …show more content…
I do not agree with all is wholesome on earth. I think of the Golden Rule or Categorical Imperative. I may be a morally wholesome person, but the result of my action is unfavorable. In my opinion, not everything on earth is wholesome. Every time I read a newspaper, someone has killed someone or someone has abused their child. How can this be a favorable society? "It is possible to see beauty in everything -- in the fig, in the ears of corn bending down, in the lion's mane, in the foam which comes from a wild boar’s mouth. These things may not be beautiful by themselves, but if we perceive them as part of the larger Whole, we will begin to see them with fascination and wonder." (Meditation, page 2) This notion made me look at what I see and try to see it from a different view. I looked at my French Bulldog, at first glance he is hideous with a big head, large ears, and smashed nose. When I looked further, I found my dog to be cute due to his personality. Never judge the book by the cover, you have to open the book to find the beauty. "Never value the things that will force you to lie, lose self-respect, hate or deceive. Whoever values peace of mind and the health of the soul will live the best of all possible lives." (Meditation, page 2) I agree with this notion one hundred percent. I would rather have someone tell me the truth than lie. I feel lying leads to mistrust. How can you trust someone if they lie to you?

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