Psychology Essay Admission Letter

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Application Essay It is a natural phenomenon that everybody desires to be educated and developed to become a good citizen along with the assurance that there is no one who is not interested in earning handsome salary after the accomplishment of his or her academic career. The word education means “to draw out” which pertains to act by improving the mental capabilities of the humans by contributing to enhance power to them or by strengthening them to confidently face the realities of life rather than just providing knowledge to them. This represents the conspicuousness about the nature of humans that one can prove to be the most productive and well-paid person in the field in which he is deeply interested and is aware of the required …show more content…
Moreover, I am very sure that taking admission in University of California can help me out in this regard by polishing my skills in this line of work that will impart me the best way to play an important role in serving the humanity. The educational experience that I will attain from UC will assist me remarkably for giving the best outcome by ways of effectively looking after the psychologically disordered people by providing them effectual advices on health and to treat medical problems and also for attaining outstanding results throughout my academic career at UC. This major is also a matter of interest for me, as I am proficient in dealing with people having psychological problems and I’m aware of the relationship to be built with such people, that you will definitely observe when I will be studying at UC because of my outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. I have the disposition or ability to accept without protest or adopt a liberal attitude towards the opinions or acts of others. The best thing about my skills in this field is my insight into the motivation of human behaviour to let them recognize who they are, the physical and internal qualities that they possess, and the ways they can reduce their problems that are leading to their psychological problems. Moreover, I also possess remarkable leadership and problem solving skills and guide people to sort out their

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