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Males and females have many different opinions in term of choosing their mates and long-term partners. But I strongly agree with Buss on the idea that women give more importance to kindness and generosity in term of choosing their long-term partner.
Because I noticed that a man who is kind and generous will spend more time on her and then show love and take good care of the family. But one thing that I do not really agree with Buss is the idea of resource, I do believe that women give importance to resources but to me it is not just for their children but also most for themselves. Because I have the example of a two kids mom who divorce with her husband after he won three million dollar last summer. By divorcing, she did
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I agree with Wallerstein because I think that the problems that we had faced as a child will play a role in our life as adult. For example a child from divorce family will experience an unstable relationship between male and female. He will then have a lot of stress in term of choosing a mate means confusion, not to much trust and always not feeling ready for serious engagements such as marriage. Also I disagree with Hetherington when he says that children recover easily on the impact of a divorce. To me those sufferings due to the absence of one of the parent stay in their mind forever.
Because adults from divorce family are used to take care of themselves so they keep their own problem in their mind not talking to somebody so they easily give in to alcohol and drug abuse. That is the reason why the adult of divorce family do not want their children to experience the same problems that they had faced in their childhood.

Happiness, to me is not just by laughing but most when I am realizing things that give sense to my life. For example one thing that give sense to my life are my religion, which is Islam. Who wouldn’t like to die like Pope John Paul II? He died with honor. All the news and television in all over the world talk about him because he accomplished great things; he brought peace and love to the world, the respect of human being throughout religion. So

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