Essay on Puritan Society in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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The play The Crucible is set in a puritan society; a society which is a theocracy, where priests and church figures have all the power. Abagail; a servant girl becomes the antagonist of the story. Abigail’s character is the victim of the Puritan society in which she rebels. Abigail’s character is one of extreme manipulation; however it does not start out like this. In the beginning Abagail is an unwedded “orphan” (1.8) who lives with her uncle. This means she is only a little higher than being deemed a slave. This low social status is what drives her lust for John Proctor. Abigail’s main goal is to marry John Proctor and doing so displace his current wife Elizabeth. Abagail and John become seduced by each other and have an affair. “I …show more content…
In the beginning John does not want to testify against the witch trials because it would expose his sinful relationship with Abigail. Elizabeth tries to persuade John “God forbid you keep that from the court, John. I think they must be told.” (2.53) John knows that if he ever went to the court it would ruin his name in the village. Eventually his motivations change when his wife, Elizabeth becomes convicted of witchcraft. He feels that the situation has gotten out of control and admits to the court that Abigail’s doing “is nothing but a whore’s vengeance.” He has now exposed his sin to the village, but by then it’s too late. In contrast Abigail’s character is one that is selfish and only looks to her pleasure. While John is one that will sacrifice his good name to save his wife and family One of the main themes in The Crucible is appearance vs. reality. This is seen in the setting: the village is supposed to represent civilization and order but instead it represents chaos and ignorance. Mainly, the theme Appearance vs. Reality mostly justifies the characters of the play. Abigail, who wears the symbol of the mask, deceives the court and the village. She rearranges the

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