Pursing a Degree in Psychology Essay

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During my first semester in college, when I was enrolled in Intro to Psychology (Psych 101) I established a new love for school and learning. I began so engrossed in every aspect of it that I never wanted class to end. It was from then on that I decided to pursue my B.A. in psychology. After completing three years, I realized that there is still so much knowledge to be obtained in this field. Therefore, I want to continue my education at the Queens College School of Psychology Graduate Program.

I put a lot of thought in choosing to specialize in School Psychology. I came to my decision because of the memories I have from middle school. My 7th grade school psychologist set up a “girls group,” where we were able to discuss topics that
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The school psychologist had made an impact on my life and I would like to do the same to others. Many boys and girls find it hard to talk to their families or teachers, so I want to give them a place of comfort.

The undergraduate work I have complete thus far has been intriguing and enduring to ensure my preparation for graduate school. My strong GPA has placed me on the President’s List twice and the Dean’s List three times. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society since 2007. I interned at a corporation called, F.E.G.S., where I worked with consumers, who have developmental disabilities. I also volunteered for the Cancer Vixen fundraiser in 2008 and for Covenant House in the Mother/Child Program in 2009. I believe my solid academic background will help me add to the “jewels of the CUNY system.”

My goal to become a dedicated school psychologist can be completed at the Queens College School of Psychology. This is because in the School of Psychology Program I will obtain the knowledge and skills to work efficiently with students across a broad spectrum, including general and special educations, different ages, cultures, and locations. I will also learn the foundations of education and psychology, which will help not only my future students, but their parents, as well. My students will be in good hands because I will learn how to access their needs, consult them, and/or provide

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