Racial Inequailty in America Essay

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During Dr. King speech, “I have a Dream” which he gave in front of Lincoln’s memorial because of what Lincoln did for all the black communities and society. Dr. King’s philosophy is making peace through non violence because violence brings more violence and chaos. He gave that speech because he wanted to state equality for all men no matter the skin color, ethnic background you come from, whether you are black or white. He believes that both the black and white people can live together in peace as one by arguing for the Negro’s freedom. The reason why he was mention about freedom and equality for all men is because he personally experiences firsthand what equality and freedom was like. It was when he went up to the North where there is no …show more content…
Nor did they not have their life, liberties, and happiness because of the way they were treated. Racial inequality is still happening today. Some police still uses racial profiling to stop the people who they think or seem like to committing a crime, but the police stop people because of their background or ethnicity not because you look suspicious. This is one of the biggest racial inequalities ever; people are getting arrested or killed because they are basing it on ethnicity. For example, the “accident” on Fruitvale Bart station. The police said he thought he pulled out the taser gun. No matter what color you are you still should be penalized for breaking the laws. Minorities are still being treated unfairly even till this day.
Another law that support racial equality, the nineteenth amendment which gave "The rights of citizens...to vote shall not be denied or abridged..." In Dr. King’s speech, he did not mention African American men and women voting right, but you can assume they did not have any because of the unfair treatment he was talking about in the speech. Now, as long as you are a citizen you have the right to vote. On the other hand, Virginia's is starting to become racist. They passed a law that requires people in Virginia bring their voter ID. With this law becoming part of Virginia it is a resemblance towards Jim Crow era in America. This voting restriction mainly disenfranchises the African American society. “In fact, of the 350,000 returning citizens

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