Rain Plays An Important Role to the Films Rear Window and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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When a viewer watches a film, they are mostly focused to characters on screen and the plot which tells the story. In most films, the drama unfolding on screen is derived from a combination of these two traits. Setting is sometimes viewed and analyzed when viewing a film as well, but it is very likely that weather on screen is something most viewers easily overlook. This is unfortunate as weather, or in this case, rain, is an important part to the film in its entirety. The inclusion of rain, which incorporates thunder, lighting, and water, in both Rear Window and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, plays an important role to the films not only to the scene in which they are featured in, but to the entire picture as a whole. The dramatic effect …show more content…
The black rain coat he wears contrasts him against the white, reflected by the light rain, making him visually appear sinister. Even though the scene takes place in the middle of the night, the inclusion of the rain storm darkens the scene, and thus the mood on screen. The white hat is also an interesting style decision as it is also reflective, thus making Thorwald’s face difficult to see. Unable to see someone’s face makes it difficult to read them and then creates mystery as to what they’re thinking.
To continue this distorted view idea, the white reflections of the raindrops distort the viewers’ (and Jeff’s) view of Thorwald in the sequence. Perhaps connecting us to the not-so-clear view of what is unfolding, the viewer as well as Jeff, needs to dodge the reflective raindrops to see what is occurring, making the already distorted view from the rear window of Jeff apartment even more distorted by the rain. This may cause suspicion, a key to melodrama, as to what Jeff is actually seeing on-screen. The rain helps in creating a personality trait of the character, suspicion, and makes Jeff more human. The scene then fades to black as the time is recorded on Jeff’s watch. When the next sequence begins, all traces of the unknown music are gone and the raindrops are the sole provider of soundtrack, the only sound heard. The rain is the only

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