Ready to Run Essay

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It was a cold winter dawn and amidst the pouring rain I was waiting for the first glimpse of sunlight at the gates of Los Gatos Park. I was hoping that the rain will retreat along with darkness. All the members of my running group had deserted me because of bad weather. Should I run and risk illness, I kept on asking myself. It was my last long run of 24 miles for California International Marathon and a very crucial one for my overall preparation. Finally I decided to run, all alone in rain for the next four hours as I was not going to sacrifice my preparation because of bad weather.

My determination has not come naturally to me .My mother constantly nurtured me to take my tasks to completion. When I was ten years old, I was about to
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One expert said to run slower than my natural pace in practice to remain injury free; another encouraged to run faster, although this approach is more prone to injury but is the best way to improve pace. I tried both approach, with first I did not see substantial gain and with second I spent lot of time nursing my injury even if I tried it once a month. I started my method of running slower for three quarter of the distance and then faster for last quarter. My body was able to take it well and I improved my pace while avoiding injuries. Sometimes I ran after a heavy meal so as not to let my digestive system shut down during runs; sometimes I drank a cup of olive oil before the run -- or even beer during the run -- to understand the effect of various fuels. These were not blind risk but careful experiments to teach my body physiological skills.

Even at Nucore, a startup, I relished the ample opportunities to experiment while developing the design flow for its semiconductor products as I was the sole owner of this task. I devised few models capturing most of the requirements of semiconductor design and then tested few potential flow ideas. The experiments were helpful in revealing salient aspect from each flow. I combined the best of all ideas to propose a flow that excelled in several criteria such as person-hours and user interface. I was

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