Reasons Behind the Breaking of the Stalemate on the Western Front

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Reasons Behind the Breaking of the Stalemate on the Western Front


At the start of the war artillery was heavily used, its accuracy wand effectiveness were poor. There were no radios at the start, so they had to operate to a pre arranged plan. In early years of the war shortages of shells was a problem. But by the end of the war things had been improved; the shell shortage had been solved by the ministry of munitions b- also the accuracy was increased - the development of the 'Creeping Barrage'. And radios were now in use - although primitive

But this alone was not the single factor that broke the Germans. The biggest problems with artillery remained, the mobility of the
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There was also poison gas, and the machine guns became lighter and faster. But none of these were significant enough to bring about a breakthrough in their own right; as rapid mobility was not possible at the time.


The United States entered the war comparatively late on 1st April 1917. The US armies impact was limited. For one thing the United States had a comparatively small standing army. And it was not until 1918 that US troops rived in significant numbers on the Western Front. Also the high commander in chief, General Pershing, was very in experienced - his last major assignment was the hunting down of a Mexican bandit leader. Similarly he was too excessive with his men, be liked using large amounts of man power. He also refused to allow his troops to fight under French or British control.

However the overall impact of the US army entering the war was very significant indeed. For example the economic impact; in the 1st years of the war the allies and the Germans produced roughly equal amounts of coal - 350million tonnes, steel - 58million tonnes, iron 50million tonnes. Once the Americans came in, the allies then had 841million tonnes of coal, and massively increased amounts of steel and iron.

Also the US had a very big psychological impact as they now had a far larger military man power. The Germans were

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