Religion from the Renaissance to the Beginning of the Enlightenment

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Religion from the Renaissance to the beginning of the Enlightenment The Renaissance period brought about changes in the cultural and social arrangements of the people living during this era. The Catholic Church was still the major religion during this era. One of the major strengths of the Catholic Church during the beginning of the Renaissance was its ability to hold the norms and traditions of the society. During the Renaissance period, the church was an integral part of the society. It defined what rules and regulations people were to follow and how they lived their lives. The Catholic Church provided an avenue for people to hold onto the cultural and social beliefs they had developed over time (Wolffe 89). In the midst of all the …show more content…
There were restrictions that meant that people had to go through the church appointed leaders in order to reach God. For Protestants, things such as confession were not acceptable. Protestants saw confessing sins to a priest as unnecessary since one could talk to God directly. Another ideal that was presented by the Protestant was that the church should only be a guide to God and that everyone was responsible for their personal relationship with God. This meant that priests and other leaders in the church should only act as guides as to what the rules of Christianity are (Harrison 55). The Protestant revolt presented a way to cut out all the traditions that complicated Christianity in the Catholic Church. It was a way to simplify Christianity and the Protestant Revolt was ready to craft a doctrine that was in line with their new way of thinking. During the Renaissance Period, the changes that were taking place in the church led to many believers wanting to move away from the Catholic Church. As people searched for ways to integrate change in their daily lives, the Catholic Church became an easy target with people from different parts criticizing its operations. The revolts that occurred within and outside the church weakened it and left it in shells. However, due to the huge number of members, the Catholic Church was able to reemerge. Though many Catholic Church members were recruited into the Protestant Movement, the Church remained

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