Rene Descartes: The Concept of Dualism Essay

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Rene Descartes' Argument from Divisibility is the argument in which he claims that the mind and the body are two completely different things and thus cannot be identical. His argument is that the body is divisible because it can be physically altered like being cut in half. His belief is that the mind is indivisible because it is not a physical thing. Descartes believed that if two things do not have identical properties then they couldn't be the same. What Descartes was suggesting was that human beings' bodies are separate from their thoughts and that when the body dies the mind still lives, which had undertones of suggesting that there is an afterlife. Descartes called his concept Dualism.

The premise that the body is divisible is
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They would argue, as Descartes did, that if a person's body was altered in some way like having all of their limbs removed, then the person's body would be different, but their mind would remain unchanged.

Another argument that could be made would be that our minds and our bodies are different because our bodies have no free will. An example an opponent might give is a person driving a car. Their legs and feet control the acceleration while their arms and hands control the steering and shifting. Their eyes look forward at the road and even their ears listen for possible signs of danger such as a siren or a horn. All these functions an opponent might say could not happen without the free will of the mind telling the body what to do.

A person not paying attention such as an inattentive driver could be argued as a separation of the mind and body, but the mind is just a functioning part of the body. It is possible for a person's heart, kidney, or other organ not to function properly. When a person's organs are not working to full capacity it is the same as the mind not working to full capacity, thus, making the driver inattentive.

The last argument an opponent might give is that science tells us about the things in our physical universe. Although science has not got to the point to where we know everything about our physical world, if it ever did get to that

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