Responsibilities of Managers Essay

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Every manager is responsible for all team. They need to protect them and sometimes solve team’s problems. If employee made a mistake in organization sometimes the managers will be responsible for it. For example, there are many cases in restaurants. Some people are not happy with food in restaurant and they usually blame waiters. In this case, they should inform manager about it. After, managers have to solve this problem and protect employee who is actually not guilty.
• Hiring and firing people
One of the most important responsibilities is hiring and firing. Managers have to hire people properly because people are different. Managers have to choose responsible, trusty and honest people. Managers must be fair to all employees and don’t
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If people know that they work well, they will get a good job for their reward - a salary or bonus, work with pleasure. Any amount of work required to have a consistent framework in which clearly defined goals and objectives for all employees.

• Improve effectiveness
Organizational effectiveness is the concept of how effective an organization is in achieving the outcomes the organization intends to produce. The organization’s effectiveness depends on its communicative competence and ethics. Therefore, to be effective and achieve its goals, organization must successfully respond to environmental factors. Manager should set new goals for organization to make organization better. Improving your organization’s effectiveness typically involves analyzing operations and looking for ways to reduce errors, eliminates waste, improve customer satisfaction and continuously develop your workforce potential. The successful leader inspires and motivates her subordinates to make the transition to a new way of working. She communicates a clear shared vision, sets attainable goals, manages objections and inspires the workforce. Leader leads with courage and confidence. Also, lowering the cultural friction in an organization.

• Solve conflicts and problems
Conflict in the workplace seems to be a fact of life. There are situations where different people with

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