Responsibility for Eddie's Death Essay

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Responsibility for Eddie's Death

In a 'View from the bridge,' Beatrice illustrates her views clearly on recent events by saying on page 61. 'Whatever happened, we all done it, and don't you forget it Catherine.' She is stating that everyone contributed significantly to what has happened in one way or another.

On page 4, Alfieri's view of 'settling for half', is different to the way he says it on page 64. On page 64 he says, 'Most of the time we settle for half.' He has differentiated the two words 'now' and
'most'. This is because he has seen Eddie become a victim of his own culture and seen the way he respects the Code of Conduct. Alfieri has concluded from that, that the best way is not to settle for half all the time. But
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They are new people that have arrived it shows clearly of Catherine's involvement with Marco and Rodolpho on page 16, 'Come here, sit down. I'll get you some soup.' You already know that they will have some part in the play, this sets the ball rolling as you know because they are illegal immigrants they will be staying for a considerable amount of time and trouble will occur at some point in the play.

In terms of dramatic impact towards the audience it prepares them for the fact that Marco and/or Rodolpho are either going to cause trouble because they are illegal immigrants or they are going to make Eddie jealous in one way or another. Jealousy is a big weakness of Eddie's.

On page 27 we are aware of Eddie and Catherine's conversation in which
Eddie does what he can to split the relationship between Catherine and
Rodolpho by saying that Rodolpho is only going out with her to stay in the country. 'The guy is looking for his break, that all he's lookin' for.' This has as a result made Catherine drift further away from
Eddie. In this scene Eddie is at fault as his jealousy has taken complete control of his feelings. Catherine is being insensitive for not considering Eddie's feelings.

This has created a dramatic impact towards the audience as they know
Eddie is a jealous person and because he is close to his niece she has all of a sudden drifted away from him towards a man whom 'doesn't love her enough'. This has created an

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