Robert Swindells' Message in the Novel “Daz 4 Zoe” Essay

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Robert Swindells wrote the novel “Daz 4 Zoe” to express his concerns of what may be a disastrous future. To put this into more detail, Swindells writes about Britain divided into a two nation society, which is dangerous for both divisions in the community. He vividly describes an imaginative future which is very similar to life today. This sense of realism is what makes the story all the more persuading. The story is about two young lovers who can not be together because of their social backgrounds. The genre of this novel is science fiction; this seems appropriate as the only way we may ever fully understand something is by either living through the situation or seeing it through our minds eye. An example to prove this theory is bullying. …show more content…
We all think differently and behave differently. Because one may be less educated, poorer or less advantaged it does not mean they are stripped away from their rights. They may not be the same but must me treated the same. This is what I believe is the true meaning of equality. Even now prejudice is taken in many forms and people are not given their full rights. Wars in Palestine strongly support this argument. They are not being allowed most of their rights just like every other country in war. Now, to put war in simple terms, it is one country invading and terrorising another. This is caused by mans greed or hate. Again this is the fault of the humans who takes life for granted.

The setting of this novel is in Britain in a not-so-distant future. Britain has been divided into two separate nations. The “subbies” inhabit the suburbs and the chippies live in the city. The ‘subbies’ are the privileged community whilst the ‘chippies’ are the sufferers. ‘Subbies’ live with brilliant services and housing whereas their counterparts, the ‘chippies’ live with bad housing, and a lack of quality services. We know that the education is the suburbs is good because in the book Zoe writes and speaks formally and her grammar is rarely flawed. We also know the suburbs have very good health care after Zoe wrote: “I went and talked to Grandma. She’s one hundred and four years old and she’s

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