Essay about Save the Rainforest!

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We are supposed to be good stewards of this earth while we are still living on it. God gave us this planet to inhabit and have dominion over everything on and in it. That means that we are responsible for keeping it clean, for protecting it from harm or depletion and we have to preserve and replenish the earth. It is sad to say but humans have played their part in deteriorating the earth. We have polluted and killed the very thing that takes care of us. If you ride by any lake or river you find trash and debris around it. In the “The Call of the Wild” the author says that we have committed war against the earth by the dumping of poisons and explosives upon it (337). Unfortunately, plastics are the things that are doing the most harm …show more content…
Without a healthy ecosystem we have more lung diseases from breathing in toxic air, fewer food choices and a host of other problems. Industrialization is one of the main causes of the ecosystem breaking down, because we are constantly cutting down trees to build things or herd cattle. Less than a 150 years ago the earth was covered with forests and wild lands, which supported most of the ecosystems on earth above the oceans surface. The ecosystem has been exploited for land development and agribusiness and as a result our planet is fragile. As we read in “Eco-Defense” the American wilderness is undergoing an attack by bulldozers, earth movers, chainsaws and dynamite. This is done just so Americans can bash their way through the forests, mountains and rangelands for the sake of short term profits (344). The rainforests are equally important to maintaining mother earth. The tropical rainforests are one our largest single most terrestrial source of air that we breathe. The tropical rainforests cover only 2% of the Earth's land surface, but they are home to two-thirds of all the living species on the planet. Another reason why the rainforest is so important is because we now get more than half of our medicinal compounds from plants indigenous to the tropical rainforest. Did you know that the tropical rainforests maintain an almost perfect

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