Essay on Scientific Research in Psychology

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Research is to find information and solve problem systematic and logically. In psychology, scientific research method is implemented to approach and reveal knowledge in better understanding of our human mind and behaviour. This research is known as basic research. Applied research is to solve and analysis on psychological problem. Psychology research is needed to identify the problem and find solution to solve problem encounter. These two researches are main category of research have done in psychology field. This scientific research psychology is usually carried out by the person with doctoral of philosophy and master’s degree holder in psychology area such as cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology and development psychology. There …show more content…
This research question is created and next step is conduct a study designed to solve question stated.
The second step in procedure of psychology research is study case empirically. An empirical study is an actual observation and systematic collection data is done in psychology research (Evan, 2005). According to Banyard and Grayson(2005) empirical study is significant research, they pointed that psychologist only accept cases with the support of empirical evidence in literature. Likewise, a phenomenon that can be experienced and related to with qualities though the question are imaginative is known as empirical study (Camic, Rhodes & Yardley,2003).As mentioned by Moody (2002) empirical study can divided into two type which are qualitative research and quantitative research. Qualitative research method is method used statistical method to analyse data that collected while qualitative data is collect in non-numerical form such as text, images, sound which collected from observation, interviews and documentary and analyse by qualtitative research method(Moody,2002).The techniques of carry out this step is by using online database such as OPAC the mostly usage of database such as PsycInfo and EBSCO by typing the keyword and with methodology and answer the research question. The third step in procedure of psychology research is analyse data, once the data is

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