Selling Your Used Car Essay

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Process Essay

Thesis: The majority of the American population has very little, or no understanding of the used car trade. A simple understanding on when and where to sell, how to get your car ready, writing a classified ad, negotiating, and making a contract.

     With consumer demand rising and supply constrained by several factors, including the tendency of new-car owners to hang on to them longer, prices for used vehicles have been climbing steadily. According to one recent study, nearly three times as many shoppers now want to buy a used, rather than a new, vehicle. (Dalglish)
     In trying to find the perfect buyer, your options include: new-car dealers, used-car dealers, and
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     The art of writing a classified ad, is to cram a lot of information into a few words. The ads purpose is to get people interested in calling you, not to fully describe your car. Make the first few words stand out, the description is the most important part of the ad. Specifics are better than generalities. If you include the price, you will limit the number of callers you get. The most important things to cite in the body of the ad are: number of doors, mileage, condition, transmission, engine, accessories, price, and your phone number. (Robertson) When perspective buyers call, it is important to field any question they have directly. Don’t let anyone else in your house give out the information about the car. You need to have a pen and paper ready to take down phone numbers and set up appointments.
     Negotiating for a car can be exhausting or it can be a fun profitable game. Some people don’t like to negotiate, and will do anything to get it over with, these are the kind of people that you will get the most money from. Without even knowing it you probably already have learned a lot about the process: standing your ground; giving in, but not too quickly or too much; not buying into others’ manipulative games; compromising; and cutting your losses. First off, be prepared. You should know what your car is worth, its basic condition and problems, the minimum you want to accept for it, and be ready

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